Stickum Amazon Prime Tape 3 inch (72 mm)

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  • Guaranteed Premium Quality.
  • Stickum quality assurance. Pack & ship your package with confidence.
  • High tenstile strength. Withstands heat, humidity and cold. Long self life.
  • Strong adhesion, easy to dispense, perfect size for dispensers.
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Amazon Tape a.k.a Stickum Amazon Prime Tape is well known for its best quality and excellent adhesion strength. Bindal Store manufacture’s this tape using high grade BOPP Film and Adhesive with advanced technology.

Firstly, this tape fits perfectly in various kinds of 3″ tape dispensers. Secondly, It can close any box easily because it is 72 mm wide. Thirdly, nothing is visible from inside of the box after packaging because of its black background.

Amazon Tape is used by any seller dealing in any category. This tape is used at home, office, warehouse, factory, etc. for packaging, shipping, sealing boxes.

Prime Tape is visually appealing to customers and creates an good impression of the seller in their mind. This tape can be pasted on various kinds of surfaces such as paper, plastic, wood, metal etc.

amazon tape - prime

There are many ways to pack a package properly. Firstly, one can stick tape on bare box. Secondly, one can wrap box with plastic sheet or wrap film and then paste tape. Thirdly, one can wrap box in gunny bag and then apply tape. Use case varies with customers demands.

This tape’s adhesive is strong enough to stick on any surface. Amazon Tape Prime is clearly visible on this tape due to good quality ink used while printing of this tape. The black background makes this tape look stunning. This is the most used tape by sellers as prime sellers are well established sellers getting lots of orders.

Make sure to check out similar products at Stickum Tapes. We also provide you other packaging materials on our website as well.

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We manufacture stickum tapes in all sizes and length variants available/not available on our website. If you want a custom size, color, printing matter tape, you can contact directly for enquires.

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  1. Ashish Bindal

    Best quality tapes available online.

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